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MrRhexx's Monster Classes V

MrRhexx's Monster Classes V

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Using MrRhexx's Monster Classes you can play monsters as a traditional Dungeons and Dragons 5e class. They function as both a character race and class, with exciting and canon-friendly features from level 1 to level 20. These Monster Classes also feature rollable tables designed to help you build the backstory for your monstrous character, as well as tons of lore scavenged from the darkest pits of the game's past that should help you understand and play the monster better than anyone!

This PDF includes:

-The Earth Elemental. Become an unstoppable juggernaut with the Earth Elemental. Manipulate the composition of your body to change your size, gain different combat abilities, or even produce valuable gems from the minerals in your body. With high durability and the command over earthen matter around you, options are at your fingertips with how you squash your enemies. The Earth Elemental is the perfect class for those who want to go toe to toe in melee combat with enemies while also tanking, casting magic, and reducing the damage that allies receive. 

-The Gnoll. Become the master of the battlefield with the quick and agile Gnoll. Quickstep allows them to use movement outside of their turn while Isolate Prey lets them deal extra damage to lonely enemies, a terrifying combo that will make every encounter feel unique and dynamic. Featuring the fellmaw, who focus on demonic powers, the fangbond who joins forces with a hyena companion, and the swiftspear who excell in attacking with reach melee weapons; each subclass brings unique gnoll cackles  that will send shiver down your enemies spines. The gnoll works wonderful for players that want dynamic movement and battlefield control. 

-The Troll. Become an unkillable terror with the monstrous Troll. The legendary regeneration of the troll prevents them from dying, regardless of how many blows they take or how many decapitations they endure, so long as they stay away from acid or fire. The weaker the troll, the more enraged and powerful it becomes, with powerful abilities that allow it to do great things at the cost of taking damage; damage it ultimately heals with its potent regeneration. The troll is excellent for those who want to roleplay a true monstrous creature, with all of its bell and whistles intact, and enjoys pushing themselves to the absolute limit. 


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