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MrRhexx's Monster Classes I

MrRhexx's Monster Classes I

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Using MrRhexx's Monster Classes you can play monsters as a traditional Dungeons and Dragons 5e class. They function as both a character race and character class with exciting canon-friendly features from level 1 to level 20. The monster Classes feature rollable tables designed to help you build the backstory for your monstrous characters, and tons of lore scavenged from the darkest pits of the game's past that should help you understand and play the monster better than anyone.

Everything on this PDF has been personally written by me (MrRhexx), and it includes:

-The Deva. With your holy sword in one hand, and divine healing spells on the other, you will finally get to play as an angelic messenger of the gods. Featuring an alternative casting system which relies on good deeds and charity in order to fuel your spells.

-The Succubus. A seductive fiend from the lower planes, you will corrupt and control your enemies with your potent sorcerous spells. Featuring 4 subclasses dependent on the sin which swayed your wicked soul: Pride, Lust, Vanity, or Wrath.

-The Ghost. Give your character a second chance at life as a spectral undead. Seek to complete your unfinished business by utilizing curses and tactical attacks, featuring a toolkit specializing in support and sudden horrifying strikes. 


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