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MrRhexx's Monster Classes III

MrRhexx's Monster Classes III

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Using MrRhexx's Monster Classes you can play monsters as a traditional Dungeons and Dragons 5e class. They function as both a character race and class with exciting and canon-friendly features from level 1 to level 20. These Monster Classes also feature rollable tables designed to help you build the backstory for your monstrous character, as well as tons of lore scavenged from the darkest pits of the game's past that should help you understand and play the monster better than anyone.

This PDF includes:

-The Familiar. Featuring the pseudodragon, the pixie, and the animal familiar; play as a tiny creature whose role is to support the rest of the party. Your abilities allow you to bond onto any creature in order to improve their survivability and damage. Fight together or perish alone, the familiar is fantastic for players who wish to coordinate with other players.

-The Treant. With full spellcasting and a fairly defensive kit, your role will be to enter the frontlines and protect your teammates with powerful magic. Featuring 13 new treant-exclusive spells, including a powerful new way to animate trees, the treant is perfect for players who want to combine brawn and magic.

-The Vampire. An extremely versatile class with a ton of roleplay potential and robust customizability. As a vampire you will have to maneuver around your undead restrictions and need for blood, but in return you will be rewarded with powerful features and game-changing abilities.


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