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MrRhexx's Monster Classes IV

MrRhexx's Monster Classes IV

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Using MrRhexx's Monster Classes you can play monsters as a traditional Dungeons and Dragons 5e class. They function as both a character race and class, with exciting and canon-friendly features from level 1 to level 20. These Monster Classes also feature rollable tables designed to help you build the backstory for your monstrous character, as well as tons of lore scavenged from the darkest pits of the game's past that should help you understand and play the monster better than anyone!

This PDF includes:

-The Mind Lord. For players who want to explore the depth of psionic power, the Mind Lord convokes powerful blasts of psychic energies that will stun and manipulate your enemies. Featuring a massive list of 36 new psionic spells to bolster your collection of exotic mental power. This monster class is excellent for those who want to control and dominate their foes while also roleplaying as one of those feared races in all of 5e fantasy.

-The Eye Tyrant. Levitate in the air as you blast your foes with a myriad of versatile eye-rays, the Eye Tyrant is bound to create chaos your battlefield. Featuring over 30 different rays that you can use to customize your offensive and defensive kit, you will have absolutely no problem building this legendary monster to suit your table. Eye Tyrants are fantastic for those who want a bit more chaos on their table, and especially fun for those who enjoy playing quirky characters riddled with paranoia and eccentricity.

-The Serpentfolk. Subtle manipulators and deceivers, there's no collection of creatures more adept at using their keen intellect to further their goals than The Serpentfolk. Featuring the only full class in 5th edition focused on the versatility of poisons, players will be finally able to bring an underappreciated system of 5th edition right onto the forefront. Serpentfolk are made for players who enjoy crafting and utilizing the right perfect poison for the job. 


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