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What They Don't Tell You About Dragon Hoards

What They Don't Tell You About Dragon Hoards

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Dungeons and Dragons wants to sell you new lore, new monsters, and new spells. The problem? What they give you is seldom what you NEED. The stuff you really want is most often than not forgotten in previous editions....probably never to see the light of day again! Well here I am FIXING that.

What's included:

-An entire chapter dedicated to harvesting dragons. Literally everything you need to know from the value and power of its body parts, to skinning, and crafting!

-Over 20 magical items relating to dragons. From weapons used to fight dragons, to things made from dragons, to even magic items that dragons themselves can use against you!

-12 spells designed for dragons to use against pesky adventurers!

-And lastly three awesome subclasses:

The Barbarian Path of the Giant Slayer. A fearsome warrior who utilizes oversized weapons in order to combat gargantuan beasts. The giant slayer can skin the large monsters it slays in order to craft for itself and its party powerful hide armor variants.

The Dragon Hunter Ranger. A cunning ranger who strategizes with its intelligent mount in order to beat powerful creatures. The powerful bond shared between the two allows them to share concentration on empowered ranger spells between each other.

Warlock's Otherworldly Patron. The Great Wyrm. A draconic servant who imbibes in the blood of a great dragon. The blood fuels the warlock's magics, who in turn, delivers treasure back to the patron using secret rituals.


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